30 in 60 Day Challenge
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30 in 60 Day Challenge


"The 30 in 60 Day Challenge" is a weight loss participation challenge created to motivate everyone, and anyone, willing to challenge themselves to shed the extra space!!

Our health is of the up most priority.  Please understand, that we are not medical advisors, nor doctors, and are not giving any medical mediation.  Please consult with your doctor before accepting the challenge.




1.  You must weigh in with a video.  Submit it in the group as a live or pre-recorded post.

2.  YOU MUST HAVE A TIME STAMPED ID. ( A paper with the date on it during your live weigh in!!  NO IF ANDS OF BUTS ABOUT THIS.)

3.  If you do not post your video in the group.  You have the option to send it into the admins at:  info.mexiketoofficial@gmail.com

Your subject line must say : 30 in 60 Challenge

4.  Good Luck and most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!